Gilani Furniture

• There is no additional charge for crating.
• Prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change without notice.
• 50% advance deposit is required to enter an order into production. The balance is due when
   we are ready to ship.
• There is a 20% fee for cancellation of orders that have been entered into production.
• For returned items there is a 20% restocking fee. No returns will be accepted without prior
   written authorization.

• All dimensions are approximate and are given to the nearest half-inch.
• Models are handmade and may vary slightly from pictures or finish samples.
• Specifications are subject to change without notice.
• Due to the hand-made nature of the product, pairs or multiples should be ordered at the
   same time.

• Copper in its natural form is one of the most beautiful metals. We manually distress and antique our copper table tops to make them look as though they have been enjoyed for generations. Some patina is applied at our studio, but there is no way of speeding up this natural process. When you first receive your copper table top, it will readily show all kinds of stains like finger marks and glass rings. But you need not be alarmed. These stains will go away as the copper surface develops a patina, and its color deepens to a bronzy brown, much like an old penny. Once the copper ages, and its patina becomes fully developed, the table top will become more resistant to stains. Copper topped tables are mostly used for casual dining, so stains left by hands, food, or glasses are usually not a major problem. The best thing is that stains on copper are never permanent and fade away with time. However, if such stains are undesirable, the copper surface should be treated like any other piece of fine furniture and protected with coasters, trivets, place mats, etc. Trying to clean finger marks, glass rings, or other stains with a commercial cleaner will take off the patina and make matters worse. The best way to clean copper is with a damp cloth. Lightly coating the surface with olive oil or paste wax is also helpful. It may be mentioned here that copper has natural anti-bacterial properties which makes it an ideal material for table tops.

• Cast stone is a rugged material and will withstand decades of use, indoors or outdoors.
   Even so, it should be treated as any other piece of fine furniture and protected against
   damage by abrasion, hard impacts, etc. Spills and soils should be promptly sponged with a
   mild soap solution. Hairline cracks are inherent to this material due to contraction and
   expansion with changes in temperature and moisture. Small cracks and chips do not affect
   the structural integrity of the piece. Cast stone is made from environmentally safe substances
   and does not contain resins or other solvent-based materials.

• One of the special services we offer is the ability to customize our products to fit your
   specifications. Most items in our catalogue can be modified to suit your unique requirements.
   Please allow us the opportunity to quote on your unusual sizes or custom designs.
• Custom ordered goods are neither returnable nor refundable.
• Items shown in previous catalogues that are not included in the current catalogue are
   generally available by special order.